Providers FAQs

No. All providers are not considered employees of CaribTherapy. All providers are contractors with CaribTherapy to provide services to referrals provided by CaribTherapy.

No. CaribTherapy will compensate the provider for services rendered within the authorized number of sessions for services. Provider will not be compensated for sessions more than what has been authorized.

We recommend signing up for direct deposit when applying to become a provider with CaribTherapy. Providers must submit an invoice for payment upon completion of services to the referred client. Upon receipt of the invoice, CaribTherapy will process and pay invoice within 30
days of receipt.

Provider can terminate their contract with CaribTherapy with or without cause with a 30-day notice.

No, referrals are not guaranteed. We send out requests for providers if there is a need in your location for services.

You may self-refer if the client requests to remain with you after authorized sessions have been completed. You are required to provide at least one additional referral to the client after EAP sessions have been completed.

Approved EAP sessions can range between 1-5 approved sessions.

Clients will only be assigned to you after you accept the referral. We will never automatically assign a client to a provider. We will always send a request to the provider with some brief information concerning the needs of the client. If the provider accepts, the client will then be assigned to the provider for services.