caribtherapy membership informationMany people see therapist directories as an integral part of the counseling profession. However, for many treatment providers, becoming a member of our Caribbean therapist directory allows them to increase the likelihood that individuals will find the care and support they need. When you become a member of our therapist directory, you’ll find clients who share your cultural background. These individuals are looking for advice and non-judgemental support from therapists and counselors who are also from the Caribbean islands. For CaribTherapy membership information, contact us today to find a therapist.

CaribTherapy Membership Information

Membership with CaribTherapy begins when mental health professionals complete the registration process, and their profiles have been approved. After approval, members will have access to their profiles and the ability to edit and update content. No profiles will go live until a member from the CaribTherapy review team approves the profile.

The member agrees that membership cannot be given away, sold, or willed. Membership terminates when the member cancels their membership or their membership is canceled by CaribTherapy.

Looking for Therapists from the Caribbean Islands

CaribTherapy is exclusively for mental health professionals living and providing services in the United States and a native of one of the Caribbean islands. Each member, during registration, is required to attest that they are from a Caribbean island. Users reserve the right to inquire further on specifics to ensure that Members are truthful in their representation on the site.

What Fees Can You Expect?

Member authorizes CaribTherapy to automatically charge the membership fee to the member’s credit card or via ACH payment during the course of membership.

Why Should You Consider Becoming a Part of Our Caribbean Membership Directory?

While most marketing experts agree that it is often necessary to have your own website, it may be hard to raise your visibility. As a result, even though you have a user-friendly website, your clients may not be able to find it. However, if your potential clients use our convenient Caribbean therapist directory, you can then appear in their search, after which they may go to your personal website. 

In addition, our therapist directory is extensive. While some directories add your name and contact information, our team recommends dynamic content for all of the therapists listed. We encourage you to publish original content and list your area of expertise and specializations, though we reserve the right to review the content before it goes live. 

Furthermore, our therapist directory allows you to make an excellent first impression on your potential clients. If you ensure that your profile sounds professional, well-written, and supportive, you can set yourself apart from other Caribbean therapists. 

How Do You Register for Our Caribbean Therapist Directory?

We strive to make registering for CaribTherapy as easy as possible. First, create a unique username and add your email. Once you’ve done that, we’ll send you an email verification, which you’ll have to click on to confirm your registration. Once you’ve verified your email address, you can come back to our site and begin the process of creating a clean and professional profile.

Register with CaribTherapy Today

If you’re a therapist or counselor with roots in the Caribbean islands, we have a place for you to find new clients at CaribTherapy. Our unique Caribbean mental health professional directory is an excellent place for you to grow your practice. The therapists on our directory treat a range of conditions, including:

Post-traumatic stress disorder
Bipolar disorder
Eating disorders
Substance use disorders

Don’t wait to register. Our Caribbean therapist registration is straightforward and easy to complete. Contact us using our convenient online form if you have any questions about mental health therapist membership.