EAP Services

Caribbean mental health professionals with a wide range of specializations are ready to assist. Our CaribTherapy providers are Board licensed and will assist clients with various mental health concerns such as stress, anxiety, depression, grief, adjustment, couples counseling, and many others. We trust our providers to ensure that their areas of expertise are used in the most helpful way possible to all clients.

Life coaches are here to help improve your relationships, careers, and day-to-day lives. 

Life coaches can help you to set life goals, identify and resolve barriers that may be holding you back. Life coaches are here to offer their services to ensure you can live your most rewarding life by achieving your goals.

If you have health goals, let us connect you with some nutritionists or dieticians who can help. Nutritionists typically work with individuals to teach them more about general nutrition, food, and health. Dietitians help individuals to improve their health by providing expert nutrition and dietary advice. A dietitian can help you manage health conditions, such as: diabetes. eating disorders.

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reported that about 4 percent of Americans met the criteria for drug use disorder in the past year. 

You are not alone. Our providers can help with substance use assessment, treatment, and referral.

Let us support your children academically with our tutors. Tutors help students learn and understand new concepts and complete assignments. 

They prepare lessons by studying lesson plans, reviewing textbooks in detail to understand the topic they will be teaching and providing additional projects if needed during a session.