The High Price of Sex Appeal

the high price of sex appeal

The High Price of Sex Appeal

From a young age and continuing practically all throughout life, humans are conditioned to try to look their absolute best. While it’s true that some tend to their appearance for their own sake, it’s usually more so done for the attention of other people. Biologically, this makes sense. It is through attractiveness, sex appeal, and certain physical characteristics that humans attract other people to them. The interesting thing about sex appeal is that it directly influences how people perceive both themselves and each other, for better or for worse. Our sex appeal can even be altered according to our perceptions of ourselves, our mental health, and our self-esteem. Everything comes with costs and benefits, and sex appeal is no different. While it may seem appealing or even desirable to be the most beautiful person in the world, what many people fail to realize is that it often comes at a cost. Whether someone is itching to be the most desirable person in the world or just can’t figure out why they’re not, sex appeal comes at a price that many are simply unaware of or choose to ignore.

What is Sex Appeal?

Sex appeal essentially refers to one’s physical attractiveness. Those with high sex appeal have the power to sexually attract other people (often of the opposite sex) or cause them to become interested in them. From grooming to makeup to fashion choices and more, altering one’s appearance is easier than ever. Options like cosmetic surgery even exist so that anyone can change virtually anything they don’t like about themselves. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so attractiveness or sex appeal tends to run on a spectrum. Different cultures view beauty differently as well, which makes it hard to narrow down a standard definition of sex appeal. Nevertheless, there are still ways to measure sex appeal and attractiveness in general. Physical attractiveness considers factors including, but not limited to:
• Hip-to-waist ratio
• Sense of fashion (or lack thereof)
• Body language
• Makeup choices
• Sizes of various body parts, such as the chest and arms
• Facial features
• Symmetry or color of eyes
• Haircut, style, or color
Sex appeal is relative, usually according to one’s sex or gender. For example, while smaller arms may be considered more attractive in women, they are often looked down on in men. Rather, men with a lot of muscle are seen as the most attractive. What may be most frustrating is that sex appeal is largely out of our hands. Unless one alters their body in some way, shape, or form, everyone is born into their body – unique characteristics, flaws, and all. While many do end up going to great lengths to change something about their body, most others do not. They live their entire lives with the exact features they were given. Still, even if physical characteristics don’t change, a lot more than looks alone play into a person’s sex appeal.

Sex Appeal and Mental Health

Sex appeal is affected by one’s mental health, and vice versa, making the whole equation of attractiveness even more complicated. Interestingly enough, one’s mental state directly affects their sex appeal. Those who are depressed, anxious, or experiencing any other type of mental health condition will often subconsciously put anything relating to sex on the back burner in their life. Struggling with a lack of desire for sex, not grooming oneself due to lack of energy, or not caring to pursue or show interest in others can actually cause a person to have a lower sex appeal. This has a lot to do with personality, charisma, and how both of these traits work together to make someone more physically appealing. While many people with depression or anxiety will be too caught up in their condition to pay attention to things like their personal appearance, others will get more depressed or more anxious when theirs declines as a result of their condition. Looks are incredibly deceiving, and very attractive people may feel that others only see a pretty face instead of seeing them as a human with struggles of their own.

Judged by Looks Alone

The next time you’re tempted to think that being desirable alone will solve all your problems, think again. Some of the unhappiest people have the highest sex appeal. Whether someone is judged by their height, weight, or body composition, these are all outward features that never accurately capture the true character of any person. Those with high sex appeal may find that they can’t be taken seriously by others in professional settings, like at work. They may frequently encounter unwanted advances from other people even in situations where it’s very inappropriate. Or they may feel as if people only see them for their bodies and neglect things like their passions and goals in life. All of these encounters can add up and lead to an overall decline in one’s mental health. Rather than being valued as human beings, these people are reduced to their appearance alone. While there are advantages to having higher sex appeal, like attracting suitable husbands or wives, many fail to realize the many disadvantages that also follow attractive people.
If anything is clear, it’s that the consequences of having a high sex appeal aren’t always what we’d expect. Most assume that life is much easier for those who are physically attractive. As it turns out, what makes someone human is more than just skin deep. While it isn’t wrong to pursue a more attractive body or features, it may be important to recognize that the outcomes we expect in these pursuits are often the opposite of what we end up with. With this in mind, anyone can set themselves up for success and align their goals with reality instead of looking at sex appeal through rose-colored glasses. You may not be the most attractive in the room, but you can always work toward being the happiest, engaging, and great to be around.

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