Mental Health Misconceptions

Mental health is an issue that directly impacts the way many individuals cope, manage, and deal with stress and everyday life situations. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, more than 51.5 million people were affected by a mental health issue in 2019.

With mental health affecting millions of people every day, it’s important to understand the facts regarding these disorders. Therefore, we aim to help demystify some of the common myths related to mental health:

Myth #1: All medications for mental health are bad for you

It is not uncommon to watch a commercial and conclude that medications are more harmful than beneficial. While side effects are common, medications are instrumental in the proper treatment of mental health disorders. When prescribed and given in proper doses, medications can be instrumental in helping save lives. They also significantly help individuals build positive relationships with others.

Myth #2: Only veterans can be impacted by PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is often experienced by individuals who may have been exposed to a stressful, painful, or scary event or incident. The results of these incidents may negatively impact a victim’s ability to handle and process the situation. People with PTSD often experience negative thoughts, continuous flashbacks, and severe anxiety.
PSTD is common in military veterans returning home after their tours. However, many would be surprised to learn that roughly 7 out of every 100 people will or have experienced PTSD throughout their lives. This means that about 7% of the population have experienced the mental health impacts of mild to severe trauma.

Mental Health in a pandemic

Myth #3: Mental health patients are violent and dangerous

Categorizing the few individuals who have negatively impacted the public view of all is not a fair or accurate representation for any population. This rings especially true in the mental health field as well. While there are some more aggressive patients, not all or even most of the millions of mental health patients worldwide are categorized as violent. A previous study shows that in reality, mental health patients are more likely to be a victim in a violent situation than an aggressor.

Myth #4: Therapy is not a solution to mental health

Within the community, a common belief is that therapy is merely a waste of time and money. This is specifically true in minority populations such as African Americans and Caribbeans. However, statistics show that of the patients who enter psychotherapy, nearly 75% experience

positive benefits and results. This means that while some do not maximize the benefits of therapy, for others, therapy is a beneficial treatment that can instrumentally help them cope and manage stressful situations.
Your mental health should be taken seriously! Invest in your wellbeing by hiring a mental health expert to help you navigate your troubles and develop strategies to cope and manage your stress. We offer resources that help you find Caribbean Mental Health Experts who specialize in providing support for all types of disorders and mental illnesses.

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