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About CaribTherapy

About Us

CaribTherapy is a platform created by P.K. Paris, LCPC, who after a decade of practicing in the United States, recognized a prevalent need to support fellow individuals of Caribbean roots struggling with mental health issues.

For the first time, Caribbean consumers will be able to search an interactive, online directory that provides resources to connect them with local mental health care providers, who are also of Caribbean descent.

Caribbean consumers can locate a preferred mental health care provider based on a shared language, the convenience of their office location, their credentials in a
particular specialty, and more.


To bridge the gap in mental health care treatment within the Caribbean community.

There are an impressive 4.5 million Caribbean immigrants living across the United States, and together, we take pride in our diverse, multicultural heritage. However, it is time to acknowledge that within our communities, mental illness has historically been linked to negative associations, such as personal failings and at times even supernatural forces. This stigma, driven by cultural norms, has led to increased numbers of mental health care cases to go undiagnosed and untreated.

Within the U.S., roughly 1 in 5 adults is experiencing mental illnesses annually. Alcohol, drug, and substance abuse are common, as are mania, depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. These are challenging illnesses, yes, but they are treatable, and a medical community is in place to help.

CaribTherapy’s platform and the team behind it are the biggest advocates of those currently suffering from mental health illnesses. By providing a cultural and linguistic connection during treatment, we are taking the first step toward bridging the ongoing gap in mental health treatment.


To radically change the stigma regarding treatment.

Today and every day moving forward, the CaribTherapy team is working to change the ongoing stigma within the Caribbean community concerning mental health treatment. It has been proven that individuals who have better access to social networks, resources, and interpersonal relationships are more likely to have positive mental health outcomes.

CaribTherapy was founded to support you. It will continue providing resources and contacts in your community, driving a unified and connected effort around offering mental health care to individuals of Caribbean descent.

Whenever you are ready to consider treatment options, for something that you think is small to something that is detrimentally impacting your life, CaribTherapy will be here.